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Smart Wireless Electronic Room Thermostat

Smart Wireless Electronic Room Thermostat

The modern and stylish Wireless Electronic Room Thermostat from SMART is designed to outperform many older thermostats and should be able to produce savings in the order of 10% over and above those achieved by traditional units using older technology. The temperature control accuracy of +/- 0.6ºC will reduce the temperature swing that normally occurs with older style thermostats.

The SMRTERFW room thermostat is economical and simple to use. Simply turn the control dial to the desired temperature to control the room temperature. The SMRTERFW includes an LCD display which displays the current room temperature. When the temperature is adjusted, the LCD display will briefl y display the revised temperature before returning to the current room temperature. 
  • Large, clear adjustable dial
  • TPI Technology
  • Neon indicator when system is turned ON/OFF
  • LCD display
  • Surface mounted
  • Temperature control accuracy of +/- 0.6ºC
  • Standard industry back plate
  • Wireless Easy to use and quick to install

Fixing: Standard Industry Back plate

Power Supply: 2 x AA/MN1500 alkaline batteries

Sensing Element: Electronic

Switch Rating: 8(2)A 230V Ac

Temperature setting Range: 5°C to 35°C

Current Rating: 16(4) Amp

Terminal Differential: <0.6° C at 4°/hour

Switch type: S.P.S.T.

Dimensions: L83 x H83 x D35

Complies with: EN60730-1, En60730-2.7, EMC Directive 2004/108/EC, LVD Directive 2006/95/EC

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